Monday, 11 February 2008

Quicker! No, quicker than that, please...

Well, after a terrible start to the year, the release of games are starting to pick up steadily. So far this month we've had Devil May Cry 4, The Club and Conflict: Denied Ops.

What are they like though?

Well, Conflict Denied Ops is a America vs. Middle East type of game where you're a lone gunman (or in this case, 2 lone gunmen) and you have to fight through waves of terrorists all shouting incomprehensible crap before moving onto the next location. Sound familiar? That's because it's the same old bollox that we've all played a million times before. There's a lovely twist that allows you to play as co-op with someone else through the missions, one guys a tough up-front blast the shit out of them type of person, the other's a sniper. But as i have no friends and no xbox live, then it's just the same old routine cack.

The Club is a totally original 3rd person shooter where you have to run around and kill everyone and get to the exit. That's pretty much about it. I guess it might be interesting to have this big old online leaderboard for the highest score but this isn't 1987 any more and 99% of the population over 30 doesn't give a shit about score, they just want to complete a game and move onto the next one. So that's makes for a wank and incredibly short lived game.

Devil May Cry 4, ah now here's a game worth playing. Superb gfx, amazing cutscenes, fast and intuitive gameplay and not to forget a bucket load of fun button mashing. Never really got into any of the other games, but then i did start with DMC 3, which was officially the hardest game in the world ever made and like everyone else i couldn't get past the 3rd level. But the 4th one is cool and tons o' fun. Good level design, great bosses, an enjoyable storyline, all that gubbins. It's not too short either, i've been playing it for about 8 hours and i'm halfway through so far so the game is certainly long enough.

If you're looking for a new game for Feb then i'd definitely get DMC4, it's an uber cool experience and it actually improves your sexual performance and virility the more you play it*.

*= May not improve sexual performance and virility.


Chadwick Monkey-Nuts said...

Hmmm Devil May Cry 4.
Only mashed through the first 2 levels so far... Having never played the first 3, I decided to pick this one up. My thinking being "it can't be as shit as burnout or as short and over-hyped as COD4". And so far? Its enjoyable. Button mashing has never been so much fun. The game does look rather nice, but whats with the intro? that woman sings for bloody ages. In the end I gave up and skipped it. And that first level thats kinda like a tutorial was wank too. I nearly took the game back. But luckily, once you get into the game proper its fun. the camera angles can be an right pile o bottom cheese at times, but you kinda learn to live with it. The achievements could've been a bit more imaginitive too. But at least it means the achievement whores wont be buying it. And it does mean plenty of replay value if you do want to try and get more than like 30 points.
My only concerns are that its going to get very repetitive, very quickly. But time will tell.

Jimbeeer said...