Thursday, 24 January 2008

Lost: Via Domus

It means 'The Way Home' in Latin, but you knew that already.

"Only six characters (Desmond, Ben, Mikhail, Mr. Friendly, Claire and Sun) are authentic. The rest are voice-a-likes."

Who the fuck is Mr. Friendly? I've watched every singly episode of Lost and I haven't a sodding clue who this Friendly character is.

Anyway it doesn't actually look to suck as much as a tv/movie tie-in normally does. Though it'll probably suck a little bit coz it's a tv tie-in innit?


Chairboy said...

I got my bumout in Blockbuster today.

Steve said...

I have also seen all every episode of Lost, and also thought 'who the fuck is Mr. Friendly'?

A bit of searching came up with this:

So it's just another name for Tom from the Others, who Sawyer shot at the end of the last season. So why exactly is he in the game if he's dead?!

I've read that the Lost game is sort of an adventure, no combat, basically talking to people & solving easy puzzles, and it won't take more than about 10 hours to get through. With no voice-overs from the main cast, I think I'll give it a miss (or maybe a rental).